Duncan Clarke, born in England, 1960, arrived in France some 14 years ago, and immediately took the brush to hand despite an inspiring full time job.

"I immediately took a liking to Landscapes (well, seascapes) and the female figure. My influences were very much the impressionists and fauvistes. Painting to me is very much 'an expression of the soul', and people will either feel it or will not. I guess my favourite painter is Van Goch, the beauty of impressionism is that in front of the picture, the position of the artist, one sees nothing. One must take several steps back to appreciate the image. My seascapes were initially concentrated in Normandy, having spent several summers around Honfleur. One of my most satisfying pictures Etratat, a simple picture, capturing the warm late summer evening sun on the cliffs and church. I later travelled around, Antibes, Marseille, La Rochelle, North Italy and Spain. I particually like to capture the mystery of water reflexions."

"My figures are motivated by sheer admiration of the natural beauty of the feminine figure, and personality. Many models have become good friends, maybe for life. I am particually attracted to the line forms from the shoulders to waist, indentation of back, details of feet. I use both oil (models) and acrylic (sea scapes). Oil is good for figures, and the slow drying allows the blend of colour transition, so important of the figure. I paticually like light contrast to be prominant. I lately paint the figure in a more disguised format (eg underwater)."